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May, 19 • 10:00 pm  UTC

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May 19, 2023 • 10:00:pm to May 21, 2023 • 10:00:pm
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Vem aí o nosso 1⁰ evento virtual aberto para público brasileiro! 🇧🇷

A intenção da Pranic Family, junto aos facilitadores voluntários dessa Vivência, é alcançar uma população que não tem acesso a eventos desse tipo usualmente.

As inscrições estão abertas para jovens de até 30 anos e suas famílias, em especial aos que não tem condições financeiras para pagar.

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    Eli Lamego

    It's been soulful and challenging. I've resonated with the Pranic Lifestyle from the moment I heard of it. I was already eating raw for a while and then started testing with f(e)asting. One thing led to the other and eventually longer f(e)asts and juicing came into play. I believe detoxing ahead of a long air or water feast are BIG yeses just to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. I believe there will come a day I'll eat even less and need even less. Love reading, sharing & talking about all of it.


    I am Shivaji, I am Lord Shiva Shiva Devote. My pranic journey is directly connected with Lord Shiva, devotion (bhakti), and my yogic path. Me and my wife do the pranic initiation guiding by Lord Shiva and our devotion in December 2021 for 30 days. Since then we keep living by subtle life force. We aloud our selves to eat occasionally fruits cause we love flavors and colors, and most par of the time we are on liquids or dry. I work teaching Shiva Yoga (a ancient and pre-vedic yoga tradition), Mantra Yoga and Nad Yoga. I have a degree in philosophy from the National University of Tucuman, Argentina. I love poetry, art, music, solitude, nature, books, sing, write, dance, philosophy and meditation. I am studying and practicing Saivism from Saiva Siddhanta tradicion. I work with music, sound, yoga, meditation and spirituality for more tha 15 years and I am happy to be in the pranic journey as a part of my life as a Yogi. Om Namah Shivaya!


    Started my pranic journey hearing people speaking about all the possibilities there is. Jerome Shaw introduced me to pranic living and pranic family and I started being part of all the pranic feasts and feasting every sunday. I love to listen to people stories and learn about pranic living as to sharing and respecting the time for the process of every being to flourish in their own unique way.